Nios assignment के प्रश्न-उतर यंहा से प्राप्त करें ,बिल्कुल सही प्रश्न-उतर के साथ।

Nios assignment के प्रश्न-उतर  यंहा से प्राप्त करें , बिल्कुल सही प्रश्न-उतर के साथ।

Nios assignment के प्रश्न-उतर BY Growth Education Points.  WE Provide Nios Assignment Solution/Solved Tutor marked assignment For class 10th and 12th. Get TMA of Soft copy & Hard Copy In English medium and Hindi medium as your choice. Contact us – 7992278944, 9582489391

The Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) is NIOS assignments to be submitted by the course enrolled in class 10 or class 12 levels. For each subject selected by the students, there are three assignments that carry 6 questions. Students are required to complete all the assignments and submit to the subject teachers/tutors/coordinators at the allotted Accredited Institute (AI) for evaluation.

TMA carries every type of question i.e. very short answers, short answers, long answers, and project (practical) based questions. (For Solved Assignment Download Here)

NIOS से 10th & 12th कर रहे  सभी student’s के लिए Assignment submit करना अनिवार्य है.  हम आपको यहाँ Solved Assignment File PDF Format  में दे रहे है. आप अपने अनुसार विषय  और माध्यम  के असाइनमेंट आर्डर कर सकते  है   असाइनमेंट प्राप्त  करने के बाद  फाइलें  तैयार  करें , और  अपने स्टडी सेंटर/ क्षेत्रीय केंद्र  पर जमा करायें | 31 जुलाई 2019 अंतिम तिथि असाइनमेंट जमा करने के लिए || अधिक जानकारी  के लिये संपर्क करे : 07992278944,09582489391 (Join Whatsaap) (CLICK hERE)

Format of NIOS assignments

TMA carries 20 marks and as per the format, there will be 6 questions as mentioned under –

Questions 1, 2 and 3 are short answers type questions. Each question has two options of which only one has to be attempted. Each question carries 2 marks and thus, this section carries 6 marks.

Question 4 and 5 are long answer type questions. These questions too have choices and you only have to attempt one and for each question, 4 marks will be given i.e. for both the questions 8 marks is allotted.

The question no. 6 comprises two projects and students have to attempt only one of the two. This question carries 6 marks.

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Importance of NIOS Assignments –

  • TMA for the secondary level will carry 20% weightage in the NIOS assignments marks will be mentioned separately (in a different column) on the mark sheet of students after the final examinations.
  • Students will be able to understand how to write accurate answers in examinations
  • They will get to know the feedback from the tutors, which will help them know their progress for their course

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निओस के एडमिशन , गाइड बुक्स, असाइनमेंट से जुड़ी जानकारी लिये आप  हमें कॉल  कर सकते हैं। 

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