Nios TMA Solved for 10th & 12th Class Session 2023-24

Can I submit Nios assignment online?

Can I submit Nios assignment online?

Ans : Yes,  i can submit nios assignment online. NIOS learners can now download and upload TMAs from their dashboard as per the schedule of submitting/ uploading TMAs.

Nios Tutor Marked Assignments 2023

  • How to submit Online Nios Assignment ?
  • Step 1– Uploading of TMA will be available only as per the TMA uploading schedule mentioned by NIOS for each session.
  • Step 2– Submitting/Uploading TMA is applicable only for the learners/students of Stream 1
  • Step 3– TMA(s) can be uploaded only for the subject for which the learner/student is registered in NIOS. TMA(s) of subjects selected for Transfer of Credit (ToC) can’t be uploaded.
  • Step 4– Once the due date for submitting/uploading TMA is over, Learner/student will be able to upload the TMA only after paying the TMA late fee online through the Student Portal.
  • Step 5– Before uploading the TMA, please ensure that the correct TMA is selected for upload. TMA once submitted cannot be submitted/uploaded again.
  • Step 6– TMA status can be seen from the TMA Status on TMA Tile on the Student Dashboard
  • Step 7– There are four steps in the process of uploading the TMA(s):
  • Step-I– Download TMA(s)1
  • Step-II– Prepare hand written TMA(s) with marking each page with page number
  • Step-III– Scan the hand written TMA(s) into .PDF for each subject separately
  • Step-IV– Upload the TMA(s) saved into .PDF file

(Note: Each online activity of the learner/student will be tracked and monitored on the portal starting from login till logout IP address and system environment of the device/ laptop/ computer /mobile IMEI will be monitored for security reasons and for further analysis to improve the system.)


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