TMA Question Paper NIOS Sr. Secondary (12th) Session 2020-21

TMA Question Paper NIOS Sr. Secondary (12th) Session 2020-21

TMA or TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENTS are a very important part of NIOS System and carry weightage in internal assessment. TMA’s carry a weightage of 20%, so for the exams without practicals the divison is like this; 80(Exam) + 20(TMA) = 100 Marks.

Senior secondary tutor marked assignment question paper

Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) are meant to help you learn and be a successful student. They provide you practice in writing answers to questions and get feedback. ABSENT is marked in the mark sheet if the assignments are not submitted on time in the column for grades of TMAs.

Is TMA compulsory in Nios?

NO. As I understand, it is not compulsory for the result, but if not submitted, the learner will lose, 20% marks of the theory. TMA is applicable for learners registered under Stream I and is not applicable for Stream II, III & IV.

सभी विषयों के असाइनमेंट की अलग – अलग फाइल बनाकर अपने स्टडी सेन्टर/ए.आई. पर जमा करें.

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