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What is Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)?

Ans: Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) are meant to help learners as they provide practice in writing answers to questions and get feedback. It is a kind of open book exams. Leaner has unlimited time to provide answer. Guidelines in this regard are also hosted on website.

How is TMA helpful to a learner?

Ans: The TMA will help learners to ensure their progress and revision in studies.

 How many Assignments are to be submitted in each subject?

Ans: One assignment per subject is to be submitted as per the schedule given in the guidelines.

Is submission of TMA applicable to all the learners of NIOS?

Ans: No, the TMA is only applicable for the learners admitted under Stream-I of NIOS. It is not applicable for admissions under Streams-II, III and IV.

Is it compulsory to do TMA? Visit My website : click here

Ans: Assessment of TMA is an important part of ‘continuous and comprehensive evaluation’ and hence it is advised to treat it ‘compulsory’ as a learning exercise. However, a candidate may be allowed to appear in the external examination even if he/she could not submit the TMA in a subject. The learner shall be awarded ‘zero’ mark for ‘TMA’ part of internal assessment.

If a learner has submitted TMA but not succeeded in public examination and reappeared in examination, is he/she required to submit TMA again?

 Ans. No need to submit TMA again. Marks of TMA will be carried over.

If a learner fails in few subjects in the public examination and opts for On Demand Examination System (ODES) in that particular subject, will his/her marks for TMA be added?

Ans. Yes.

Where would he/she submit the TMA? Visit My website : click here

Ans. A leaner can submit TMAs at following places: All TMAs are to be submitted by learners at the allotted Study Centers. In case, a 
Study Center is non functional, TMA can be submitted at the concerned Regional Center and the same may be got evaluated by RC. In 
case any Study Center is closed because of some reasons, TMA will be submitted at the newly allotted Study Center. Evaluation will also 
be done by the same Study Center.

If a learner does not submit TMA before examination will he/she be allowed to appear in examination.

Ans. Yes. The learner will be allowed to appear in the examination. However, it will put the learner at disadvantageous position. He/She will get zero marks in TMA. Hence, it is advisable to submit TMA.

If a learner does not get passing marks in TMA, what will be the consequences?

Ans. The result will be declared on the basis of marks obtained in public examination. Separate passing marks are not essential in TMAs.

Resubmission of TMA within the same cycle of examination is possible or not.

Ans. No

Can a learner apply for re-evaluation of TMA? Visit My website : click here

 Ans. No. Re-evaluation of TMA is not allowed

Marks once awarded in TMA are final or not?

Ans. The data once provided by AI will be accepted as final data and can not be changed over a period of time.

If a learner has submitted TMA of a specific subject but does not pass in theory what will be the final result?

 Ans. Separate passing marks in theory are essential to pass the examination. In that case learner will be declared failed in the public examination.

If a learner succeeds in public examination but fails in TMA, will his/her result be declared or not?

Ans. There are no minimum marks for passing in TMA. However, one has to obtain at least 33% marks in the external examination and 33% in aggregate to pass. Current information may be checked from NIOS website.

Last date of assignment submission:

Last date for Submission of Internal Assessment Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) by the learner to AI (Study Center) – 30th July, 2021 for Stream-1 Block-II for October/November 2021 examination without late fee.

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