Nios last date of assignment for April/ October 2021-22

Nios last date of assignment for April/ October 2021-22

last date of nios solved assignment is 31-01-2022. NIOS is the largest open board in India. You can do your secondary or senior secondary classes from this board. NIOS or National Institute of Open Schooling has a rule about TMA. It has developed several strategies to help the learner achieve success. TMA is one such strategy.

Here TMA means Tutor Marked Assignments. A student should take up this TMA. NIOS organize this in order to check the progress of the student in the academic session. It is a type of internal assessment. It plays an important role in open and distance learning ODL. There is only a single assignment in each subject. You have to submit these TMA’s before the due date.


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The students pursuing their class 10 and class 12 educations from the open board have to submit their NIOS assignments before the last date as mentioned in the schedule provided by NIOS. The students must submit the NIOS assignments before the last date or their assignments will be marked absent which is not acceptable.

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Nios Solved Assignment Class 10th & 12th 2021-22 For All Subjects

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Benefits of TMA’s

Questions in NIOS TMA are similar to your exams questions. You have to these questions at home. This is like a Home Research Work or Project Work. First you have to study your subject properly. Then you can write your assignments. Here are some of the benefits of TMA –

  • It helps the learners to check his knowledge and progress
  • It helps him to develop regular study habits
  • It helps the students to learn the subject matter well
  • It also helps the students to be successful in their annual examinations.
These TMA’s help in designing remedial teaching methods in PCP.

How to Get Good Marks in NIOS Tutor Marks Assignments

You can prepare NIOS assignments at your own. For this you have to explore the internet. It will consume a lot of time. So we have made the process easy for you. Now you can directly download NIOS Assignments from our site. Then you can read or learn these question answers. After that you can write your assignments at your own. last date of nios solved assignment is 31-01-2022.

There are some important points you should keep in mind-
    1. Use A4 size ruled paper (One side lining and the other side plain)
    2. Do not copy word to word from your text books
    3. You are advised to write the answers in your own handwriting
    4. Your answer should be logical
    5. It should be written neat and clean
    6. Use colored pen wherever it is needed
    7. Use heading and bullet points to emphasize your views
    8. Make heading and points with dark point pen
    9. Underline or Highlight the important points in your answers
    10. Write in simple and correct language
    11. Make your sentences short.
    12. Your answers should not exceed the specified words limit.

last date of nios solved assignment : 

Last date for Submission of Internal Assessment Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) by the learner to AI (Study Center) – 30th July, 2021 for Stream-1 Block-II for October/November 2021 examination without late fee.

Here are some of the important points that you should keep in your mind-
  1. Write accurate answers
  2. Write to the point answers
  3. You can submit your assignments in English and Hindi language.
  4. Complete your TMA’s in the given time
  5. Write your assignments in proper format as given by the NIOS Center
  6. Submit your assignments in the study center before the last date

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